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The Matrix Program

In 1980 AD, some physicians and psychotherapists specializing in addiction treatment, established a new method of treatment, or an integrated treatment program that takes into account the treatment of drug addiction that is most deadly in the organic and psychological aspect for the human being, such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine derivatives and other such drugs, and this new therapeutic method has proven its efficiency and vitality In the extent of dealing with addicts, given that it is integrated in many aspects.

In this article we talk about that treatment method, which is called the “Matrix” rehabilitation program or the Matrix program, where we talk about the advantages of this program, the treatment approach, the positive results associated with this program, and what are the factors and conditions that are associated with this program, and that Through the detailed points in the next few lines.

Advantages of the Matrix Program:

The Matrix program for the treatment and psychological rehabilitation of addicts is characterized by several advantages, which are considered one of the most important features that must be available in all addiction treatment programs in order for the results to appear in a good and positive way as everyone wishes, and these advantages can be collected through the following points:

An all-round integrative treatment:

As this treatment program includes several comprehensive integrative aspects, because it depends on therapeutic methods and psychological approaches that are useful for all addicts and all cases, whether severe or not severe, according to certain criteria, whether in the number of days or hours of treatment, and a treatment plan can also be developed in During 16 weeks, however, doctors made this period not ideal in the absolute, as, this period is extended according to several factors, the most important of which is the degree of addiction suffered by the addicted individual, so there are in some cases the period of up to a full year.

This undoubtedly makes the Matrix program has the advantage of flexibility in dealing with addicts, and takes into account all the comprehensive organic and psychological aspects that the addict suffers from, and allocates hours, days and weeks appropriate to each case separately without linking to an ideal period of treatment, like some other programs.

An exemplary program for positive results of treatment:
Medical studies conducted on addiction recoverers and those who underwent this treatment program achieved good results in complete recovery and not returning to drug addiction, and many treatment organizations in Western Europe and the United States recognized that this program is one of the most effective treatment programs during The recent period, which gave him wide fame in the therapeutic clinics in these countries due to its advantages.

Matrix program is one of the most organized programs:
The Matrix program is one of the best treatment programs, organized and arranged, which makes it one of the best fast-acting treatment programs, especially in highly addictive cases, and this organization is represented in the delicate stages of treatment, which are considered one of the most accurate stages of treatment in all programs, where doctors develop a treatment plan for each stage separately. With the sequencing of each stage and plan according to specific days and specific work hours.

Approach to the Matrix Addiction Treatment Program:
The Matrix program for the treatment of addiction relies on some medical foundations at the therapeutic, pharmacological or psychological level, and these principles take into account all the psychological and organic aspects of the addict, so that the treatment is complete, as these principles are taken into account and are:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy:
And that is through some individual and group consultations that work to modify the behavior of addiction and dependence on external influences for the sake of illusory happiness and escape from life problems by resorting to drug addiction, in order to instill some life skills in the same addict during treatment, to reach a way to solve problems logically Far from running away from the problem.

This treatment is based on the behavioral-psychological theory that doctors put in place through psychological and behavioral tests in order to treat the addict, according to the addict’s addictive status, the degree of addiction, and the extent of his acceptance of this treatment.

Motivational interviews:
Which is performed by physicians and psychotherapists through psychological counseling that develops a treatment plan, psychological and behavioral rehabilitation after drug treatment, and these interviews are mainly based on motivating the addict to complete treatment, modify his behavior and abandon total dependence, which is the original addictive behavior, and get rid of this behavior in favor of other good behaviors. In his future life.

Family therapy:
It is the treatment that aims to educate the family on how to deal with the addict, whether before treatment, during treatment, or after the recovery phase, and this therapeutic part depends on psychological and educational counseling for the spouses in the event that either of them is addicted to drugs or narcotic pills.

Supportive treatment for people:
This depends, through psychological and therapeutic counseling, at the psychological level, on the addicted person and teaching him many behaviors and skills for not returning again to drug addiction, and keeping away from all means that remind him of addiction.

Group therapy:
It is known that the group therapy program is an independent addiction treatment program, but a vital part of the Matrix program depends on group therapy through addiction treatment groups that consist of several people, the number of which may reach ten or twelve.

The steps of the Matrix program for treating addicts:
The treatment steps in the Matrix program depend on several factors, the most important of which is the program’s ability to reach the previous goals or foundations, through the steps that follow pharmacological or organic treatment, so the treatment steps in this program depend mainly on psychological treatment or behavioral rehabilitation, and that Through the following points:

Individual and group sessions:
It is what we talked about previously during the previous component, as it is considered an integral part of the psychological treatment of the Matrix program, but there is a fundamental difference in this treatment part, and it is possible for the doctor to see that the involvement of one of the family members in these individual or group sessions may bear fruit in terms of For the addict, by making this individual aware of the urgent needs that the addict wants from the family during the various treatment periods, while raising awareness of the role of the family towards the addict during treatment.

Early Recovery Group:
It is a therapeutic group that means the concept of recovery and the means and skills that can be taught to the addict and instilled in his mind in order to recover and not return again to addiction, and this treatment group depends on the educational approach more than the therapeutic approach, as it is based on two very important concepts

the first; It is the ability of the addicted patient to obtain early recovery from addiction through knowledge and behavioral skills.
The second is the reliance on both individual and group therapy, especially with this group that instills in the addict’s soul the societal idea of ​​recovery.

Relapse prevention group:
Relapse into drug addiction worries many recoverers of addiction, so those in charge of the Matrix Program for the Treatment of Addicts took care to develop an integrated approach and groups to instill the concept of dealing with the post-recovery phase with more confidence by teaching the patient through topics for discussion about the signs. Early return to addiction or relapse, and precautions on the part of the individual to prevent it from occurring, and the psychological extent of dealing with a relapse even if it occurred.

Among the important topics that the therapist discusses with the group is the feeling of guilt, shame, remorse and resentment of oneself after returning to drug addiction, finding important ways in order to consume time in benefit, keeping away from everything that causes isolation or emptiness, discussing the issue of arrangements for stimulating psychological motives to return once Other causes of relapse are discussed, how to escape from these triggers and solve them before they escalate, building self-defense skills and training not to return to addiction again.

Family Education Group:
As this group, which is one of the most important parts of treatment in the Matrix Addiction Treatment Program, relies on supporting the family cognitively and psychologically by discussing important topics related to the addict and ways to deal with him, knowing the signs of addiction as well as the signs of relapse and how to deal with the addict after recovery, and this group in which an individual attends Of family members are weekly until the treatment period completely ends.

Social support group:
It is one of the most important treatment steps or groups on which treatment is based in this program, through a group of old recovered addicts and their assistance to newly recovered addicts or on the road to recovery, and this group lasts about 36 weeks, during which a treatment plan is developed, known as the Care and Continuous Support Plan, Which depends on the psychological and emotional support of addicts and teach them the experiences and skills that they previously acquired in the journey of recovery.

Run random tests throughout the recovery period:
The Matrix program also depends on performing some random tests of blood and urine throughout the treatment and recovery period, in order to reassure the patient and his vital functions, and to ensure that he does not return again to the state of addiction, and in the case of positive results about addiction or return and relapse, this does not mean stopping treatment With this program, it is necessary to have a serious discussion about the causes and to continue treatment again.

Treatment guidelines and efficacy in the Matrix program for treating addicts:
There are some guidelines set by doctors and therapists regarding this program, to serve as principles for the program that do not deviate from it in the field of addiction treatment, and these principles are:

  • The use of different and varied treatment methods in this program, and all of them must be subjected to treating the addiction situation for the same person, such as stimulus interviews, behavioral theory, cognitive skill therapy, and others from what we talked about previously.
  • Building strong relationships between the patient and the therapist, as mutual trust between the two parties facilitates the treatment process.
  • The family is an integral part of this program, by raising awareness and teaching them good behavioral skills on how to deal with an addict.
  • Reward and encouragement are among the principles of this program, whereby the person who continues on treatment is rewarded and encouraged by all means to complete the journey of recovery.
  • Randomized tests are performed to check on the patient throughout the treatment period.
  • Motivating members of treatment groups to participate in self and community throughout the treatment period, and this is able to prove oneself and begin to know the right way to change previous behaviors and build a new life based on good behavioral skills.

At the end of the discussion about the Matrix program for the treatment of addiction and rehabilitation of addicts, some problems and obstacles that stand in the way of this program must be mentioned, and the most important of these obstacles is the lack of spread of this program in Arab societies, as this program is found in a few therapeutic clinics and few countries in the world, This is because it needs special capabilities, but hope remains in the spread over the next few years.

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