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Brief On Marital Problems

The ways of thinking differ between spouses and their degree of understanding of things varies, so that some fall into many complex problems, which are difficult to solve, as a result of their lack of knowledge of the skills that must be followed, in order to avoid falling into the difference gap, and their inability to balance matters, and reach a final solution and The root of these problems, and one of the most prominent tools that the two parties lack, is the art of listening, in which each imposes his opinion, and opposes the opinion of the other party without giving him the right to express.

Tips for solving problems between couples

There are many tips that can help get rid of the problems that occur between spouses, and ultimately reach a solution that satisfies all parties, so we will provide some advice that will help in reaching a settlement of conflict between spouses with the least possible losses, and among them are the following:

Choose the right time
One of the most crucial things in learning how to discuss difficult problems between spouses is timing, as the appropriate time for discussion should be chosen very carefully, away from times when the two parties are surrounded by other things that distract them, and any discussion should be avoided immediately after returning from work, or Engaging in a sporting activity, in order to devote time to the problem and give it sufficient time to solve it without discomfort.

Show appreciation
A quiet place should be chosen, away from inconvenience, so that the discussion begins, calmly and kindly, with the choice of some random expressions that show appreciation for both, such as thanking the husband for cleaning his wife’s car, or presenting a specific gift, in order to inform him of its value, and express Love, away from quarrels, making it easier to start discussing the problem.

Maintain a low pitch
Staying calm when discussing an issue helps to avoid exacerbating problems, and to reach a solution as soon as possible, which maintains a positive atmosphere, which includes all parts of the conversation, where the use of harsh words and negative tone in the discussion reflects the extent of the moodiness And the inability to exercise self-control, and the obligation to shout between the two parties.

Focus on the feelings
You can focus on feelings, by talking about the way the problem affects one of the two parties, and not making assumptions about any party, by trying to express the feelings of the second party, and sticking to the word I feel, when talking about the problem, and moving away About the word you always, because it makes the other party feel something of the attack, blamed, and reduces the possibility of resolving the conflict.

Stick to the perspectives
Perspectives can be adhered to by staying within the topic, and by choosing some short, understandable phrases that reduce the intensity of the discussion and narrow the size of the problem, so that the parties, especially men, wish to address the original topic without introductions, or address some of the subtleties. , Which may exacerbate the problem and exacerbate it.

Disclosure of notes
It is good for both parties to disclose the notes related to the problem, and not to impose them on one of them, so that each party gives his point of view that he sees, and the discussion takes place, until an understanding is reached. Postponing the discussion for a short period of time in the event that the discussion is heated up, and it begins to turn in the negative direction, so that verbal altercations occur between the parties, and the intensity of excitement and anger increases. The situation is back to normal.

Solve intractable marital problems
There are many steps that must be followed in order to reach a proper solution to intractable problems between spouses, and the most important of them are the following …

First: Both sides must understand the other and explain the topic of discussion calmly, while trying to eliminate misunderstandings about it.

Second: Both parties must control behavior, and refrain from discussion in a state of tension and nervousness, in order to avoid aggravating the situation or making mistakes.

Third: Both parties must not involve a third party between them, whatever the reasons. Marital problems and ways to solve them, no matter how many and different marital problems, but the methods of solving them are the same, all that is needed by both husband and wife, is to ensure that respect is the master of the situation, whatever the type of discussion, and adherence to the principle of privacy, and understanding And he made all the methods that work to preserve their personal relationship within the lines that guarantee the continuity of the marriage, so the more the discussion was friendly, and based on the listening of both parties to each other, the more problematic the results of the dialogue would be.

The concept of the family
The family is the cornerstone of society, and it has great importance at all levels, in it children grow up on morals and values, and children are the youth of the future, and it is natural for the family to face some problems, especially with this tremendous development the requirements of the modern era, and they may be psychological, moral or material problems. It is important to know how to solve family problems, to overcome life’s difficulties and to survive the family to safety. Because the large number of problems and their accumulation may lead to the destruction and disintegration of the family, as it is the entity that absorbs all the negative energies of its members, and accordingly they must learn how to solve family problems, and the family knows that it is the institution on which to build a healthy, healthy society, and according to Aristotle, the family is the organization of Naturalism claimed by nature.

How to solve family problems
The family is the heart and the body. If the family is reconciled, the entire society is reconciled, and if it is corrupted, society is corrupted. Getting rid of fear, anxiety and fatigue in light of living in turbulent environments involves painful and exhausting conflicts, and the family remains the safe haven in light of the frustrations that individuals are exposed to, The problem is an uncharacteristic situation that previous experiences are not sufficient to solve, nor familiar behavior, and it is an obstacle in the way of goals, which makes the individual feel confused and hesitant that pushes him to search for solutions to get rid of this distress and be able to reach the goal, and the problem is a relative thing; What a child considers a problem is not a problem from an adult’s point of view, and the problem is either psychological, social or family, and to solve problems there are many methods used to achieve this, and the five-year problem-solving method is a proven scientific method, based on the following:

Defining the problem and gathering information about it:
That is, curtail it from all sides, and gather sufficient information about it. Thinking of several solutions, i.e. developing a number of logical solutions. Choosing one of the solutions, this step is done after thinking, and choosing one of the best solutions available, which were put forward before.

Workout the solution:
One of the most important stages is; It should know whether the problem is solved or not.

The result:
The result of the solution becomes clear here, and whether the problem ends or not. A happy family The family is the building block on which society is based, so the husband must know the rights of the wife and vice versa, he must deal with wisdom and compassion to maintain the stability and permanence of the family, and not rush to dispute for irrational reasons, and the husband must turn a blind eye to minor mistakes and mistakes. Because women are by nature gentle feelings, overwhelmed by emotion, and the possibility of falling into error by both parties is possible, so happiness in the family extends if the positive side of the partner is paid attention to, and his excesses are overlooked. It is worth noting that all happy families are based on the principle of respect and treating husbands and children with kindness, and by guiding children to what is good for their morals, religion and world, talking to them, discussion with them about life matters, enlightening them about what is happening around them, educating them, providing them with the causes of strength, psychological hardness and stability, and talking to them Kindly, using good words and learning how to solve family problems, as these are the keys to a happy family.

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