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Nahar Center for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment is considered one of the best centers working in the field of mental health in Egypt

If you are facing any psychological or behavioral problem, drug addiction treatment problem or negative habits, do not hesitate to contact our specialized team, we are at your service

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Treatment At The Nahar Center Is Under The Care Of The Best Doctors  & Psychiatric Consultants Around The Clock

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Dr.. Amjad Al Ajroudi
Dr.. Amjad Al AjroudiChairman of the Center's Board of Directors
Consultant Of Psychiatry, Addiction & Family Relations
Dr.. Mohamed Salah Mansour
Dr.. Mohamed Salah Mansour
Consultant psychotherapy & Addiction Treatment
PhD in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dr.. Mohamed Soliman
Dr.. Mohamed Soliman

Our Services

Nahar Center services include treatment of addiction, withdrawal symptoms, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, solution to marital problems, treatment of adolescent problems, psychosexual disorders, social phobia, drug abuse, phobias, various fears, behavior modification using cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychological and physical diseases in children and adults, and treatment of girls’ addiction

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Why choose Nahar Center for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment

Daytime counselors and therapists have extensive experience in treating mental disorders for individuals. They also provide psychological counseling to couples, and they adopt various treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy and integrative therapy. They also offer dialectical behavioral therapy and therapy with acceptance and commitment.

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A medical Center Specializing In Psychiatry & Addiction Treatment

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If You Are Facing Any Psychological Or Behavioral Problem, Drug Addiction Treatment Problem Or Negative Habits, Do Not Hesitate To Contact The Specialized Team Of Nahar Center, We Are At Your Service