Customer convenience first
Nahar Center takes great care of the customer’s comfort, and the customer’s comfort is the first determinant of service efficiency from the start

Secondly, knowing the treatment plan and setting its goals
At the Nahar center, your doctor will explain to you the treatment plan to be an effective and responsible participant in it with the help of a specialist

Third, the therapeutic relationship
The relationship between the patient and the medical team at Nahar Center is a relationship that is based on acceptance and respect for the feelings of the client, to the extent that allows real and effective help.
The client can measure the quality of the therapeutic service provided to him through

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the sessions.
  • Mutual trust between the specialist and the client.
  • The therapeutic relationship should not be judged, classified, or stigmatized.
  • Not to subject the client to the exclusive authority of the specialist and allow him to determine his treatment options according to the specialist’s instructions and advice.
  • Provide assistance in proportion to the client’s beliefs, circumstances, and abilities.
  • The specialist’s belief in the client’s abilities, skills, and strengths of his strengths.