Many clients resort to psychological treatment while they expect the same result that they can get when they are exposed to an organic disease, so they think that as soon as they go to the doctor and write the medicine, the treatment process is completed, but things do not go like this in psychological treatment.

Psychotherapy has several stages that start with knowing the causes of the problem and the internal and external factors that led to its occurrence, then we move to the next stage, which is the stage of treatment and change, and the stages of psychological treatment are completed with the stage of fixing change and preventing relapse.

Therefore, in the Nahar Center, we are always keen to emphasize that the treatment process in mental illness takes time to complete

But how can the client be able to evaluate the benefit he has achieved by going through the treatment process that has been established by the specialist?
The client can evaluate his benefit from the treatment plan by following up on his achievement of the goals of the treatment plan specified in time from the start, and the client can also evaluate by comparing the state of his feelings, thoughts and behavior before, during and after the treatment process.