When do you know that you need help from a Nahar center?2021-04-04T16:33:25+02:00

We all face many problems in our life on a daily basis.
But in some cases, these problems increase and become a real obstacle that prevents the continuation of life, and affects all aspects of life, in work, family and relationships, as well as educational problems with children, addiction, marital relations problems, anxiety, stress and depression.
At that time, our need for a specialized person with experience that qualifies him to help us professionally in treating these problems appears.
Therefore, Nahar Center offers many comprehensive psychological services, which help you to see the basic problem clearly by choosing a specialist who is able to help you get rid of it.

What is the method for choosing the appropriate doctor or specialist from among the members of the Nahar Center team?2021-04-04T16:34:48+02:00

Many people face a problem in differentiating between psychological specialties, whether a doctor, a specialist or a therapist, and as a result, the client gets confused in choosing the most appropriate specialist to treat him.
Nahar Center includes an integrated treatment team in various specialties needed by a psychiatric patient of all ages (adults – children – adolescents) or for the treatment of addiction.
Dear customer, you can choose the appropriate doctor, specialist or therapist from the Nahar Center team, according to the type of problem, its severity, and the size of the symptoms you suffer from.

What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist and psychiatric addiction therapist?2021-04-04T16:36:59+02:00

Psychiatrist: A doctor (specialist or consultant psychiatrist) who specializes in diagnosing and treating psychological and neurological problems, prescribing appropriate drugs, and he holds training courses in various types of psychotherapy.
Psychologist: holds a specialized degree in psychology, and training courses in various methods of psychological treatment, and providing psychological treatment sessions of all kinds.
Child and adolescent psychologist: holder of a specialized degree in psychology, specializing in child and adolescent psychology and their behavioral and developmental problems.
Psychotherapy and addiction therapist: holds certificates and training courses in psychotherapy and specializes in addiction treatment.
You can hire a member of the Nahar Center team to help you choose the most appropriate specialty to solve your problem.

What are the characteristics of the effective treatment followed in the Nahar Center?2021-04-04T16:38:43+02:00

With the competence of its specialists from the scientific side, Nahar Center pays great attention to the ethical aspect in choosing its members, which protects the patient and ensures the success of the treatment plan developed for him with real effectiveness.

What are the most important standards that Nahar Center follows and gives priority to achieving them, and how does the patient verify the quality of the service provided to him?2021-04-04T16:46:38+02:00

Customer convenience first
Nahar Center takes great care of the customer’s comfort, and the customer’s comfort is the first determinant of service efficiency from the start

Secondly, knowing the treatment plan and setting its goals
At the Nahar center, your doctor will explain to you the treatment plan to be an effective and responsible participant in it with the help of a specialist

Third, the therapeutic relationship
The relationship between the patient and the medical team at Nahar Center is a relationship that is based on acceptance and respect for the feelings of the client, to the extent that allows real and effective help.
The client can measure the quality of the therapeutic service provided to him through

  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the sessions.
  • Mutual trust between the specialist and the client.
  • The therapeutic relationship should not be judged, classified, or stigmatized.
  • Not to subject the client to the exclusive authority of the specialist and allow him to determine his treatment options according to the specialist’s instructions and advice.
  • Provide assistance in proportion to the client’s beliefs, circumstances, and abilities.
  • The specialist’s belief in the client’s abilities, skills, and strengths of his strengths.
When will I know that I have benefited from the treatment at the Nahar Center?2021-04-04T16:48:59+02:00

Many clients resort to psychological treatment while they expect the same result that they can get when they are exposed to an organic disease, so they think that as soon as they go to the doctor and write the medicine, the treatment process is completed, but things do not go like this in psychological treatment.

Psychotherapy has several stages that start with knowing the causes of the problem and the internal and external factors that led to its occurrence, then we move to the next stage, which is the stage of treatment and change, and the stages of psychological treatment are completed with the stage of fixing change and preventing relapse.

Therefore, in the Nahar Center, we are always keen to emphasize that the treatment process in mental illness takes time to complete

But how can the client be able to evaluate the benefit he has achieved by going through the treatment process that has been established by the specialist?
The client can evaluate his benefit from the treatment plan by following up on his achievement of the goals of the treatment plan specified in time from the start, and the client can also evaluate by comparing the state of his feelings, thoughts and behavior before, during and after the treatment process.

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